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September 20th, 2008 by alephnaught

YOTSUBA&! Volume 2

Title: YOTSUBA&! Volume 2 Author: Azuma Kiyohiko Paperback: 184 pages Publisher: ADV Manga (August 1, 2005) Language: English ISBN-10: 1413903185 ISBN-13: 978-1413903188 Yotsuba&! is a manga series that follows a little girl, Yotsuba, who moves with her father to a new house.  Next door live three sisters: Asagi (the oldest), Fuka (the middle one), and […]

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September 19th, 2008 by alephnaught

Saudi Women Find an Unlikely Role Model: Oprah

Found this article today in the New York Times.  Its very interesting – young Saudi women are watching Oprah Winfrey’s show in droves because she addresses subjects Saudi women rarely get to discuss, for example racism. When I was in Jubail, I noticed (through side-ways glances – you never “eyeball” a woman in Saudi Arabia, […]

September 17th, 2008 by alephnaught

Another big news day

I like reading the New York Times every morning, along with the Wall Street Journal.  And there’s a lot to consider today. For example, our embassy in Yemen was attacked by thugs; luckily in this case, they killed themselves, unfortunately also killing innocent bystanders, but then that’s one of the goals for terrorists, since they […]

September 16th, 2008 by alephnaught

Harvey And Etsuko’s Manga Guide To Japan

Title: Harvey And Etsuko’s Manga Guide To Japan Author: Charles Danziger, Mimei Sakamoto Paperback: 160 pages Publisher: Japanime Co. Ltd. (August 8, 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 4921205175 ISBN-13: 978-4921205171 I saw this book at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Little Tokyo; it intrigued me so I bought it. Its fun.  The first half of the book is […]

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September 14th, 2008 by alephnaught

Squirrels at the complex

There are a bunch of brown ground squirrels at our apartment complex.  You see, we had grey squirrels in Chicago, so these were quite original for us, as they’re smaller, a bit less bushy, and, yes, brown. And people feed them in the complex, so they are pretty brazen.  Here’s a picture I took of […]

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September 14th, 2008 by alephnaught

MOCA and Little Tokyo

We decided to visit the main MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), which is just down the street from Little Tokyo. We parked across the street from the Disney Concert Hall, which was designed by Frank Gehry, who designed the Millenium Park Pavilion in Chicago.  The building is really neat but slightly out of place among […]

September 14th, 2008 by alephnaught

American Born Chinese

Title: American Born Chinese Author: Gene Luen Yang Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: First Second (September 5, 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 1596431520 ISBN-13: 978-1596431522 This is a graphic novel whose apparent plot is the story of three Chinese: a monkey king, a young boy, and a stereotypical “chinaman” from the turn of the century.  These three […]

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September 13th, 2008 by alephnaught

Singing Bowls

Title: Singing Bowls Paperback: 108 pages Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass,India (November 2002) ISBN-10: 8178221039 ISBN-13: 978-8178221038 I’ve wanted to purchase a Tibetan singing bowl for a long time.  I found this book in at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena; I figured this might give me the push to purchase a bowl. I found the book […]

September 6th, 2008 by alephnaught

Studio City, Burbank and Bergamot Station

We drove over to Studio City and had lunch at Art’s Delicatessen & Restaurant on Ventura Blvd.  The food was really good – it was nice to find a good deli here. We stopped in a small gift shop that’s going out of business and ended up buying a Piero Fornasetti self-portrait plate for $80; […]

September 6th, 2008 by alephnaught

New York Times article on micro-blogging

There’s a long, pretty good article on micro-blogging today, Brave New World of Digital Intimacy (I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You). The article presents a reasonable short history along with some good psychology research related to micro-blogging.

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