Studio City, Burbank and Bergamot Station

We drove over to Studio City and had lunch at Art’s Delicatessen & Restaurant on Ventura Blvd.  The food was really good – it was nice to find a good deli here.

We stopped in a small gift shop that’s going out of business and ended up buying a Piero Fornasetti self-portrait plate for $80; that’s a good deal!  Then we stopped at the news stand at Laurel Canyon and Ventura and bought a few magazines.

Then we drove over to Geographica, a travel bookstore in Burbank.  We bought a few maps and a book to bring on our upcoming Italian vacation.

We decided to go see some of the new art going up for the new season starting this week, so we went to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, which houses a bunch of small galleries.

There are small lime trees planted along one side of the complex, and there were limes growing; this is probably the first time I’ve seen limes growing on a tree!

In the center of the complex is a tiny park with six palm trees.

We saw three shows I really liked; I’ve scanned in images from the shows below.

Robert Sean Coons, “Forbidden Fruit,” Oil on Canvas at Berman / Turner Projects

Christopher Murphy, “View South from the Williamsburg Bridge,” Oil on Panel, Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Ethan Murrow, “People Who Were There – A Page of Pictures,” Graphite on Paper, Obsolete at D3 Projects

They use green, as in environmentally friendly, urinals at Bergamot Station.

On the way out I saw a cool scooter with a box bungie corded to the rear for carrying stuff.

We drove home – I thought the complex next door looked neat in the waning light.


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