Music by Aleph Naught & the Null Set

These are my recordings – music I’ve composed or covered. Please have a listen! Please leave comments! I can’t get better if you don’t tell me what you like and don’t like, what works and what doesn’t.

What is Aleph0?

Aleph0 is the first cardinal of infinity, the countable numbers. One example of these would be the integer set. Aleph0 is a transfinite number.

What is the Null Set?

The empty set; the null set is a set with no contents.

So, what is Aleph0 and the Null Set

It is the name for my musical work. I of course am the only member of the band except for a couple of computers and instruments. It has elements of ethnic/world music, techno, dance, and progressive rock/jazz fusion. Now that web space is so inexpensive I’ve posted my two CDs and an individual tune as well; hope you like them.

If you create your own music, I’d love to hear it – either email me with a web link or send me a cassette or CD please.

What do I use to make music

I used to use a bevy of synths and processing bits: Casio CZ-101, Kawai K5, Yamaha FB01, Cheetah M6, Roland MKS-30, Akai S612, 2 Ensoniq Mirages, and a Yamaha TX16W sampler; I also built and used a PAIA FatMan synth, and I also had some drum boxes: Yamaha RX21 and EMR-1, Roland TR727. Bile and Digital Sequenced Ballet were recorded on 4-track cassette, a Fostex X-15. When I moved to California I dumped all that after living in a one bedroom apartment for a year and went all-digital. Starting with the album Entrata, I use a Mac Pro with Apple’s Logic Pro software, and a bevy of plugins, electric guitar and voice (well, I can’t sing so I’m playing with Vocaloids and other voice synths…).

What’s next

I’m working on my next album, Continuum Hypothesis; you can check it out as I work on it on SoundCloud.

Something’s Missing

You can find Something’s Missing on many services at


I’ve been creating covers of some songs – you can listen to those on SoundCloud


You can find Virgin on many services at

Robot Sex

You can find Robot Sex on Spotify at and on iTunes at

Spring Rolls

You can find Spring Rolls on Spotify at and on iTunes at

Parallel Lines

You can find Parallel Lines on Spotify at and on iTunes at

Countably Infinite and Completely Empty

Here is a zip file of all the tracks.


Here is a zip file of all the tracks.


Here is a zip file of all tracks.

Digital Sequenced Ballet

Here is a zip file of all tracks.


Here is a zip file of all tracks.