Another big news day

I like reading the New York Times every morning, along with the Wall Street Journal.  And there’s a lot to consider today.

For example, our embassy in Yemen was attacked by thugs; luckily in this case, they killed themselves, unfortunately also killing innocent bystanders, but then that’s one of the goals for terrorists, since they think no one is innocent.  But, I guess we should be happy that no Americans were killed.

The very next article is about the problems converting precious farmland in India to factories; you see, Indian peasants still subsist by farming the land, which is one reason having children, and especially boys, is important, as they become field hands as soon as they’re able.  But Tata has built a large plant in an especially fertile area on the Ganges, and the subsistence farmers are angry over the loss of their land; they should be, they don’t know how to move to the “new economy” India is trying to build.  China is facing the same problem, but I think they have a big cultural advantage, as evidenced by the recent Olympic games – they are often willing to put their self interests aside for the country (it does help that the government is in complete control).

We, the taxpayers, are bailing out AIG; no, this isn’t the biggest news in my opinion today, but it hurts my wallet, especially if McCain is elected and lowers taxes on rich people, as Bush has done, as that will put the brunt of payment right on the shoulders of the middle class, after all those rich people made billions on bad deals we’re propping up.

In the continuing saga of Kwami Kilpatrick, former mayor of Detroit and soon-to-be resident of a jail, Detroit, which has a $130M USD budget shortfall must spend another $3M USD to hold a special election to fill his post for less than one year.  Detroit overall will then have spent $13M USD to deal with Kilpatrick.  He should be ashamed of himself and should reimburse the city.

And, sadly, Richard Wright, a founding member of the Pink Floyd, died at age 65.  Pink Floyd didn’t sound like Pink Floyd without him, and I can thank him for many moments of clarity during and after college.


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