Shopping in West Hollywood

Aviva found a store called Necromance in the Not For Tourists guide for LA; their claim to fame is selling taxidermy specimens, skulls, bones, x-rays, old medical instruments, and other things that are way off the wall.

So, we headed out to West Hollywood and went to Necromance. They have two storefronts that are five doors apart on Melrose. The storefront below is relatively tame – they have x-rays of broken bones, old medical instruments (did you want to get a metal speculum, they have a few, different shapes and sizes?), tee shirts and odds and ends.

Aviva and Basil outside Necromance
The other storefront is much stranger. They have a stuffed fox and stuffed squirrel in the window. Inside it wreaks of moth balls. There are stuff heads on the walls and a whole stuffed Bambi in the middle of the floor. They have skulls from various animals of various sizes. Lots of cool shells. X-rays of animals. Aviva bought some shells and leaf skeletons; I bought a skunk’s skull (yes, a real, bio-stuff-boiled-off skull). What am I going to do with it? I don’t know, but is so cool to look at (and isn’t doing the skunk any good anymore).
A skunk’s skull

We drove to Arundel Books, a used bookstore on Beverly. I bought a book on the making of the movie Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, and Aviva got a book on Andrea Palladio.

Saw a cool poster on the wall near Arundel:

We drove around a bit more, stopped at an Ulta store so Aviva could get hair care products.  While walking the dog around there, I saw this sign painted onto the sidewalk at an intersection:

We went back to Woodland Hills for Chinese food from Yang Chow and home.


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