Patch for Twitter Tools plugin’s timezone problem

Since I got an extra day off from work yesterday, I had some time to spend on solving a problem. I use Twitter Tools to display my five most recent tweets on my blog, as well as creating a digest post of my tweets every day, and a notification tweet of new posts to my blog. Its a really nice plugin and a good piece of work. But, it has a bug – Twitter returns tweets in UTC time, while some of the key comparisons inside Twitter Tools uses local time. This affected the digest posts; some tweets would appear on the wrong day.

It was hard to find all the comparison items and get them converted to UTC time, so I decided to convert the tweet time to local time using the setting in the WordPress application. I’ve posted this patch to the WordPress support forum at Here’s the patch as well (this patch only applies to the 1.2b1 version):

*** twitter-tools.php.0	Sun Apr 13 20:07:12 2008
--- twitter-tools.php	Thu Jul  3 13:06:44 2008
*** 401,406 ****
--- 401,409 ----

  	function add() {
  		global $wpdb, $aktt;
+ 		// RLH: The next line corrects Twitter's UTC to WordPress timezone setting
+ 		$this->tw_created_at = $this->tw_created_at + (get_option('gmt_offset') * 3600);
+ 		// RLH: End changes
  			INTO $wpdb->aktt
*** 1353,1358 ****
--- 1356,1364 ----

  	$now = time();
+ 	// RLH: Must shift "now" back to proper timezone to match WordPress
+ 	$now = $now +  + (get_option('gmt_offset') * 3600);
+ 	// RLH: End changes

  	$time = gmmktime(
  		substr($date, 11, 2)

I hope that helps make this plugin more effective. Perhaps the author could eventually fix all the comparisons and we could go back to using UTC for everything, as I think that’s the right answer. But, this works for now.


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  4. botesteanu
    8:34 am on September 24th, 2008

    i’ve tried to get around to sending you this through email. this may be better.
    i have a huge issue with twitter tools, same one you did, although i may have made it worse by deactivating, activating, upgrading, downgrading the plugin. it worked at one point, then it stopped when i tried to tinker with the schedule.
    as you know, alex king is politely denying any mail and/or feedback. and i don’t know of any plugin that would replace his twitter daily digest.
    anyway.. a search redirected me to you. i don’t know where to add the code. help?

  5. admin
    12:52 pm on October 5th, 2008

    Lately, I’ve had to reset Twitter Tools and then reprocess (the two buttons near the bottom of the Twitter Tools settings page). I don’t know why this is happening, and since the author is pretty much useless for support, I just want everyone to know that you may have to do this regularly. At some point I may try to figure out what’s wrong.

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