October 22nd, 2008 by electricbob

When media file upload won’t prompt for files in WordPress

A couple days ago, I tried to use the web interface to my blog to upload some media files, mostly pictures I had taken. I clicked the upload button and nothing happened. I had to do some serious digging but finally found the culprit – Flash 10. It turns out that file selector is powered […]

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October 18th, 2008 by electricbob

Added the Simile Timeline plugin to my blog

While getting the paging navigation working in my theme, I found the Simile Timeline plugin.  It took some real effort (the plugin is, as the author admits, in alpha state – ya gotta start someplace afterall), but now I’ve got a timeline for my administrivia posts.  You can find it as one of the tabs […]

October 17th, 2008 by electricbob

Fixed another problem with the blog

It turns out the template I’m using (and have modified quite a bit) depends on a plugin to display the additional pages for archives.  I’ve added that plugin, customized its look a bit to more closely match the blog look, and voila, we have archives that work much better now. I’m going to look into […]

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July 10th, 2008 by electricbob

Added a “Ping this!” button to posts

I was invited into the beta program for ping.fm. They provide a service that give you one place to create microblog, status and blog posts which can be directed to any of a number of social networking sites. Since I’m a member of a number of social networking sites, and since I don’t have time […]

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July 9th, 2008 by electricbob

Added Ligit search

Just added Ligit search thanks to Kaplak’s blog. Ligit indexes and searches content that you create and link to; you indicate what you want indexed and Ligit goes and does it.  When done, you get a widget you can add to your web site or blog (in my case its WordPress script code you can […]

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July 5th, 2008 by electricbob

More fixes for the blog

I fixed Twitter Tools on Thursday, and now I’ve fixed the page menu on my blog. Turns out the theme I’m using was missing a couple CSS lines (I hate CSS almost as much as I hate JavaScript, but you have to use what you’ve got). I added these two lines to the Menu section […]

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July 4th, 2008 by alephnaught

Patch for Twitter Tools plugin’s timezone problem

Since I got an extra day off from work yesterday, I had some time to spend on solving a problem. I use Twitter Tools to display my five most recent tweets on my blog, as well as creating a digest post of my tweets every day, and a notification tweet of new posts to my […]

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June 14th, 2008 by electricbob

My first spambot registration!

Since this is not a highly publicized blog, I see when people register or drop comments (can’t miss it really). So when I saw a new registration email I thought I should check it out. Its a spambot apparently; when I googled the email address I found this post. Since I don’t think you can […]

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May 31st, 2008 by electricbob

Theme changes

I’ve just spent a fair part of the morning modifying images and changing CSS styles (and one php change to do the del,icio.us bookmarking thing) to try to make the theme look the way I like (and color it similarly to my main web site). I’d love comments back on your opinions of the changes […]

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May 26th, 2008 by electricbob

Hopefully this is my blog’s new home

I’ve installed WordPress on my web site, which took perhaps 5 minutes, and moved my blog entries over here, which took perhaps 20 minutes.  I’ve used a free template I found that looks okay along with some widgets. I’ll do more formatting after I take some time to catch up on entries.

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