Leopard upgrade so far

I performed my upgrade to Apple Leopard on Friday, July 25, 2008. I did an in-place upgrade, not a clean reinstall.

And its been pretty good so far. I had to download and install the latest developer tools. Then I had to download and install the latest driver for my HP OfficeJet (a 7210 – an all-in-one that’s ethernet compatible). Perhaps the most interesting issue I had was that I needed to remove the context menu extensions I had – when I’d open a file dialog box, the content would be empty, but if I then returned to that directory in the box it would be populated. And I had to dump iTerm – its not built against the Leopard build; I used cvsgrab to download the source kit, but it wouldn’t build by default, so I’m not going to spend time on that one (I can go back to using Terminal – I just liked the tabbed interface). And I had to re-add my Huey Pro menu item as per info at the Pantone web site – that fixed the screen contrast problems.  I also updated the driver for my Razor Pro mouse; that fixed the problem where my computer wouldn’t fully shut down.

I also had to dump a directory full of installation kits I’d kept around – that directory had gotten so badly corrupted that it couldn’t be recovered (it was only that one directory – the rest of the drive was fine and after reformatting checks out okay). So I’ve put Time Machine on that drive after reformatting it (we’ll see if it works okay). I have another weekly clone I do using SuperDuper!, so I should be okay.

I’m trying to use Spaces, but one of my favorite programs, Amnesty Widget Browser, which runs Dashboard widgets as native windows, isn’t yet Spaces-aware (I dropped a note to them and got a response that they’re working on that, and it came over the weekend – very nice support).

I’ll update this post if things change.


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