Sawtelle and Govindas

Got to kick everyone out of work early today. So, Aviva and I took a trip into West Hollywood.

First, we stopped on Sawtelle. This is yet another Japanese area, with a few really cool stores like Giant Robot, which is a cool store that sells Japanese toys, books, and just general stuff; I bought a book of articles on comics and a DIY Qee. We shopped at another store down the street (sorry, didn’t get the name) where I got Nathan a Bandai Godzilla (hope he doesn’t have it already) and a tiny, HO scale motorized tank and a Japanese military figure from the Samarai period (painted plastic again). We had dinner at Chabuya at 2002 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 310.473.9834. We both had their special ramon noodle dish, and it was simply delish. Highly recommend this place for a meal that might be like Tokyo.

The facade of Giant Robot – that’s Aviva and Basil in front

The sign for Giant Robot

The Tomato Bank and another store like Giant Robot

There’s a second Giant Robot store just down the street

Good to know there’s a psychoanalyst in the neighborhood

And a Buddhist temple, too

After dinner, we got back in the car and drove over to Govindas, a Krishna temple, at 3764 Watseka. I bought a small painted plastic figure of Ganesh. It was really cool around there, everyone was very nice and there was quiet Indian music playing in the background. We walked past the open doors of the temple and saw a few people praying; the interior was really cool, very beautifully decorated (I didn’t want to take a picture, I didn’t know if it would be offensive and I also didn’t want to bother anyone).

The facade of Govindas

The temple facade

A sign next to the temple

A painted motorcycle out front


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