Switching blog tools

I haven’t posted anything new, although so much has changed in my life lately.  Why?

Turns out the company (and author) of the blogging software I’d been using, iblog, has left it in a semi-finished state that won’t run on Leopard (MacOS X 10.5); I’ll never buy anything from them again and suggest you don’t either.  I’ve spent a couple weeks deciding what to do, looking around, and getting bummed out over how much I’d have to do to move my blog someplace else.

I found an online article on converting to wordpress from iblog, so I found a copy of agitprop (the original homepage for this is gone, but this link seems to work right now), converted my older iblog (no link provided for iblog – they don’t deserve it) entries using that and then copy-pasted the rest of the entries in.

Well, I’m on WordPress and like it so far.  I no longer worry about the format of the blog (and I really don’t care for that kind of CSS work anyway) and get to spend more time writing (which is one thing I wanted from doing a blog).

I’m going to switch the links on my web site now, and away we go!


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