The Getty Villa

We went to the Getty Villa to celebrate Aviva’s birthday.

The Villa is located in Malibu across from the ocean on a hillside. The building is modeled after an Italian villa; one part is designed after Hadrian’s villa. The collection is centered on art of the ancient world.

There are two gardens, call peristyles, one small and one larger. The larger one has a reflecting pool in the middle.

I forgot my camera, so all the shots were taken with my Blackberry camera.

A hermes statue

Head of a bearded man

The facade of the museum building

A fountain in the smaller peristyle

Statues around the small reflecting pool

Another view of the small pool

The large reflecting pool

A statue from the large peristyle

A statue in the large pool

Trompe l’ Oeil from the walls around the large pool


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