Impotence in the Boardroom: MySpace Caught an STD

I saw this book on the bottom shelf of a local newstand and, given my interest in social networking and marketing, I figured it might be a fun read.  I read most of it on a flight to Renton, WA from Bob Hope Airport in beautiful Burbank.

This book begins recounting the authors’ experience pitching their grand marketing plan to the MySpace Senior Vice President of marketing, Shawn Gold.  “… Shawn strolled in, Sony laptop in hand, no handshake, barely any reciprocated eye contact …” is, I guess, a dead giveaway that this meeting didn’t go well for the authors, and they expend plenty of wasted words expressing that.

On the other hand, I think their comments later in the book about their view of the future of marketing are interesting.  They see a future guided by hormones (not so surprising, look at any sexy ad and you get that part, although they mean all hormones, so adventure and success have places as well) as well as campaigning instead of brand identity.  They also mention ADD – Attention, Diversion, Depth – as the three key qualities of ad campaigns.

While the book didn’t create a “mental orgasm” for me, there are a few parts worth keeping around I think.


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