Forest of Pipes: The Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ

We bought this book when we visited the Walt Disney Concert Hall store.  I love pipe organs; my family built a Schober electronic theatre organ from a kit, so my love goes way back.

This book includes a number of interviews with people involved in the construction and early performances of the pipe organ.  The organ is amazing – the largest pipes are huge curved columns rising towards the ceiling in the middle of the space.  The console can be moved to other locations, including the center of the stage.  This organ is designed for either solo performance or playing as part of the symphony.

There’s a CD included that has a few performances of the organ; this is the demonstration of the organ stops, or sounds, from that CD downsampled at 96kbps (you want better, buy the book).  There’s also a web site about the book here.

Now I need to do two things:

  • Find some performances of the organ on CD, and
  • Attend a live show at the concert hall.

This is a very nice paperback volume with CD; if you’re interested in knowing more about this organ, this is a good book to read.


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