Don’t pay me now, I’ll just print money

So I’ve been watching all the shenanigans surrounding our current financial crisis.  And I’ve been reading and hearing about what Barack Obama and John McCain plan to do about it (you can’t miss it, just turn on any television in the United States).

Let’s see, we’ve had quite a while where taxes were reduced for the rich.  And today, more money is concentrated in the hands of the fewest people since the start of the Great Depression.  Trickle down doesn’t seem to trickle very much, instead it looks like rich people just get richer.

The idea that we should reduce taxes for everyone, but especially the rich people, is just bunk.  This is the only country in the world that spends real political effort on that idea.

Rich people have the most to loose if the economy goes south.  And some of them are at least partly responsible for the mess we’re in.  Let’s face it, the government isn’t responsible for the credit mess, its the people that figured they could take ridiculous risks, grab a lot of money, and then get out (leaving someone else holding the check, in this case probably the tax payers), regardless of whether the people who borrowed money from them could really afford it or not.

I know people should be accountable and responsible, but I also know large banks hold classes to teach people how to borrow money, purchase a house and then keep it up – expecting everyone to just know wha their real borrowing limit should be in a world of exotic products is probably false (much like expecting citizens to know the laws of the land in the United States, since only lawyers can practice law).

If you ask me, those people that got rich on the backs of people seeking the American Drean are the ones whose taxes should go up (a lot), not the working people who are now suffering for those dreams.


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