Frozen River

We just got back from seeing the movie “Frozen River” which stars Melissa Leo.  Ms Leo was a star of one of our favorite TV series of all time, “Homicide: Life on the Street.”

The movie involves a woman whose trying to get a real house after her husband runs off; he’s a former gambling addict and took the money for the final payment for the house.  She’s got two children, works part-time in a dollar store and lives in upstate New York state.  She ends up involved with  Mohave woman that’s helping run illegal immigrants across the Canadian border.  They form a partnership that survives an incredible reversal of fortune.

Leo turns in a very believable, memorable performance as the mother.  I thought the woman that plays the American Indian, Misty Upham, was also quite good, although somewhat flat.  I won’t give away the ending – this is one you should check out.


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