Culver City Art Walk

Today was the West Hollywood and Culver City Art Walks – we decided to go the Culver City one.

We stopped in at least 10 gallerys (Basil came along in tow and was a very good dog, he didn’t growl at a single painting, although I think some deserved it). Some of the realist work was quite good.

Scott Musgrove’s work at Billy Shire Fine Arts was neat – though they were “big eye” paintings, they weren’t of children, but of fantastic animals. In addition to the paintings, done in a very surealistic style, he had done some sculpture of the creatures of his mind.

I liked most of the work at Corey Helford Gallery. Sarah Folkman and Melissa Forman did work that was realistic but with odd twists. Karen Hsiao’s work was intentionally pornagraphic – odd photos of fetish clothing done in a simple, non-sexual setting.

I also liked Tiffany Bozic’s show at Kinsey/Desforges; her work is inspired by consumption and conflict. She paints realistic animals attacking or eating other animals, but in a surreal setting.

But, just like in Chicago, most of the work was dreck. To me. 🙂


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