Still getting moved over

I’ve still got to finish moving the images over to my blog, then I’ll start adding some new entries. Most will be in the past, for example some of things we’ve done in Los Angeles. I’ll probably add a page to my travelogue for our trip out here (we drove from Chicago, IL, to Westlake Village, CA).


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  1. Jeff Zwie
    4:26 pm on May 24th, 2008

    Looking forward to what you do with WordPress. I sprung for a premium template ( just because I got frustrated with the code errors and constraints in lots of the freebies.

    Also would strongly reccomend “WordPress for Dummies” Lisa Sabin-Wilson has some great design ideas and knows the nuts and bolts of WP really well. Saves a lot of digging at Thanks for the mail, hope to hear from you again soon. Glad you like it out there so far, and good luck with the house.


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