Made In LA 2014


Made In LA 2014

Aviva and I decided to have an art day yesterday, so we went to the Hammer Museum which is part of UCLA; this was my first time at this gallery. It’s very nice, modern, clean. We ate lunch at the cafe – very interesting eclectic menu; I had eggs and chick peas, and a drink made from apple, lemon and ginger juice – looks like Soylent Green to me. Then we walked around Made in LA 2014. It wasn’t very good. There was on funny exhibit where an artist used reds and greens to create a 3D display that you viewed through 3D glasses – that at least was clever.

We then went to Bergamot Station, which is a big artist confab in Santa Monica. Most of the work wasn’t interesting. I did love the photo banners hanging on the fences where construction was going on, and I really like the work of Anne M. Bray up at TAG Gallery. Her work is photos from around the edges of the US manipulated in a program that makes them look like watercolor images, then printed to aluminum plates that are postcard sized. I’ve included a scan of the postcard below.

We took the dogs and ate outside at Leo & Lily; a good place to get a quick meal in Woodland Hills.


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