Aviva and I decided yesterday to drive to West Hollywood and visit one of our favorite stores in LA, Necromance (we also stopped at the MOCA annex at the Pacific Design Center, the bookstore was removed to provide more space for a video exhibition, and had a really good snack at LaLa’s).

There are two storefronts a few doors from each other – one has old medical instruments, morbid jewelry (a whole case of mourning jewelry for example) and tee shirts and odd books and images. The second store has skulls, bones, taxidermed animals – it reeks of moth balls.

I’ve been trying not to spend money but I couldn’t resist – I got a tee shirt, a couple of mouth x-rays (I hope to build a little backlit wooden enclosure for them some time), and a pair of earrings made from the fangs of a rattlesnake. I can’t wait to wear one tomorrow to work….


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