The Griffith Observatory (and dinner in Los Feliz)


The Griffith Observatory (and dinner in Los Feliz)

We decided to check out the Griffith Observatory, which stands on one of the higher hills in Los Angeles; Aviva’s brother Howard took his family up there and said the views were amazing. We stopped at Wacko on the way – its a cool store for books and odd gifts; I kid you not, there’s a Sweeney Todds Barber Shop nearby – I’m not getting my hair cut there!

And he was right! We took Iggy along and walked around the observatory; there’s a small museum and a cafe and gift shop. But you go up there for the views of the city. We also saw a blimp flying around.

On the way home we stopped for dinner at Il Capriccio, 1757 N. Vermont. Good red sauce Italian place with a good sized patio (which we used so we could keep Iggy with us).


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