Malibu Hindu Temple and metal animals at Oasis Imports


Malibu Hindu Temple and metal animals at Oasis Imports

We decided to go for a drive yesterday; Aviva had rediscovered the Malibu Hindu Temple and we both wanted to check it out. So we bundled all three of us, including Iggy, into the car and drove to Malibu.

The temple is quite impressive as you can tell from the pictures below. Best of all, the people were very nice – may of the kids wanted to pet Iggy and some helped us figure out how to see the temple properly. When you go, remember to take off your shoes at the entrance!

After the temple, we drove to the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH out here) and down to Topanga Canyon to drive home; we stopped at Oasis Imports, a really cool (but turns out somewhat expensive) store for ceramics and signs. They had a very cool collection of large metal sculpted animals on the hillside at the rear fo the store (photos in the gallery).


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