The grammarian function at Navigators Toastmasters has four major tasks:

  1. Pick two words for the day,
  2. Describe their function during the introduction,
  3. Listen for incorrect grammar, and
  4. Report on usage of the words of the day and any grammar issues during the meeting

I wanted to suggest a way to pick words of the day.

I went to and picked two antonyms, or words that have opposite meanings, for example love and hate.  I then looked at the synonyms, or words that have approximately the same meeting, and found one for each that was unusual and had an interesting specific meaning, in this case adulate and execrate, respectively.  I copied the pronunciation, definitions and example usage and printed them out to tape up during the meeting.

I find this to be a fast, easy way to find new words and to make the second task, describing the function, more interesting too!


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