Make your very own IC earring


Make your very own IC earring

My geekiest fashion accessory is my IC earring; I’ve made several because friends have asked (sometimes demanded!) them.  I’ve also been stopped numerous times when wearing this – everyone wants to know if that is a computer chip?


And they’re easy to make!

Go to Radio Shack or another electronic components shop – purchase one or more 555 Timer chips; these are common, they are used in a variety of analogue circuits to this day.  Also go to Michaels or another craft shop and buy post earring backs; make sure the large part of the back is small enough to fit behind the chip.

Grab a pair of diagonal cutters and clip off the legs of the 555 timer chip where they narrow.  Use an emory board to sand the edges smooth.  Take the emory board and rough up the back of the chip body.  You might even scratch the back with a sharp knife blade.  Mix up some epoxy; put some on the top of the post and position the back of the post on the back of the chip.  Use a toothpick to put a generous amount of epoxy on the remaining visible rear of the chip and over the top of the earring back.

Sit it someplace to harden for 24 hours.  You now have an IC earring; wear it in good health!


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