The Brewery Art Walk


The Brewery Art Walk

Aviva and I decided to go to the artist community called the Brewery in south Los Angeles.  There are at least 100 galleries and artist studios/lofts in the complex, which used to be a brewery (of course).


The tee shirt I wore this day – “Beware of Perverts” (Chikan chuui), with “Dangerous Persons are in this Area” below.

This is the postcard for the artwalk.

There is a huge wooden carousel horse statue outside the Brewery.

The smokestack – see, it says BREWERY on it!

A cool sculpture outside one of the galleries.

One of the galleries was doing a participation piece – they wanted everyone to write what they’re really good at on the nametag and that would create conversation. Aviva wouldn’t play along, but I did and I wrote “I make computers do things” – I got into two conversations in about a minute!

Our favorite work was probably a range of “dolls” at Let’s Play Dead – these were no ordinary dolls, they are distressed.  Some are Siamese attached at various places, one was impaled on a large spike!

And this is the card for the gallery called Let’s Play Dead.

After the Brewery we drove a few minutes to Little Tokyo.  I love my tee shirt – the girl working the floor at Anime Jungle, a great anime figure shop, asked me what the Japanese meant!  When I told her she giggled.  Does that make me a pervert (I wasn’t on a train at least).

We had dinner at Izayoi, a restaurant Aviva found in the Sagats guide.  It was really good – the food is either sushi or tapas-like little plates of things – all very very good!  The coolest things we had were the savory egg custard and the sesame pudding desert.


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