Darren Waterston and Holly Lane

We dropped the dog off with Uncle Jeff and drove into LA to visit Michael Kohn Gallery to see the show of Darren Waterston’s work.  He’s one of Aviva’s favorite living artists; we once almost bought one of his watercolors, but we like his paintings much more.  His work is very ethereal and now celestial; I liked a number of pieces, including the painting used for the post card (see below) – if I had the money I’d have purchased it.  It looks like he uses a wax and varnish mix to finish his paintings, but we don’t know that for sure because Aviva didn’t ask him.  Yes, Darren was at the gallery this afternoon – the artist reception was last night and he happened to be in the gallery while we were viewing the work.

Darren Waterston, Agnos No. 2, 2008, Oil on Wood

We then walked over to Forum Gallery; they have a show of Holly Lane’s work up.  Really great work, a mix of painting and woodworking, as you can see below.

Holly Lane, In Preparation, She Cached a Guidebook Near the River of Oblivion, 2008, Acrylic and Carved Wood

While driving on Hollywood Blvd. I noticed a cool sculpted metal gazebo.

We drove across town to visit Wacko bookstore again – I got a nicely painted figure of Shiva sitting, yet another skeleton warrior from the Jason and the Argonauts series, and I happened to find the book All the Money in the World, a book about the graphics used on money, on sale for only $15.

The night sky was bright pink, and, combined with Hope and a portrait of Barack Obama painted on a building side along with the Sex Drive billboard made for a nice sunset picture I think (and isn’t this what LA is really all about, sung to “All I Want to Do is Have Some Fun”).

We drove over to a Chinese restaurant we’d never tried before, Chi Dynasty.  The food was really good and not too expensive, so we’ll certainly go back again.


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