A win, and a loss

On the plus side, Barack Obama is our president-elect.  Its high time a non-white minority candidate won the Presidency of the United States.  Obama ran a great campaign.  Now he needs to turn his landslide victory, with a near-record voter turnout, into real change.

On the negative side, it looks like our country isn’t about religious freedom anymore, or even religious tolerance.

It appears voters in California have decided that marriage is only meaningful between a man and woman.  This scares me for so many reasons; for example, when will crowds be running around breaking the windows of Jewish homes?  The fundumental Christian movement is destroying one of the basic freedoms we’re supposed to enjoy here, a freedom that brought that fundamentalism here initially in the form of the pilgrams; it was that persecution that caused the founding fathers to protect religious freedom zealously.

I hope the coming months and years bring more tolerance and perhaps even freedom, but I’m not hopeful.


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