We got going, taking a cab over to Musée Jacquemart-André, which is a small private collection on the right bank. They have a few rooms of Italian Renaissance paintings, including a Uccello painting of “St. George and the Dragon.” We ate a wonderful lunch at their cafe – they specialize in salads, I had one with foie gras, cold duck breast, grilled figs and apples, along with lettuce and a basalmic vinegar dressing – yum!

We walked over to St. Augustin, but it was closed.

We walked over to a cab stand to call a cab – saw an interesting poster on a hair styling salon; you wouldn’t see this in the US.

You wouldn't see this exhibited on a door in the US...

You wouldn't see this exhibited on a door in the US...

We took a cab back to the left bank to the Latin Quarter and went to St. Julien, which was also closed.

St. Severin, about a block away, was open.

We had a Coke Light at an Italian cafe and visited the Musèe National du Moyen Age, which we visited the last time we were in Paris; you can see that page here.

We walked down Boulevard St. Germain De Pres to the hotel, and ate dinner at Le Precope. As a warning, if you intend to visit Paris on a Sunday plan to visit museums, as most of the shops are closed as are many of the churchs.


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