Training to Venice

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We had a slow morning. While some work was being done by the rail line between Roma and Firenze, a World War II bomb was discovered. They decided to detonate it during the time our train was to arrive, so we were delayed two hours. But, we finally got our train and got to Venezia. We took Vaporetto (water taxi – there are no motorized land vehicles in Venezia, so everything is done via water; here is a map of the taxi stops courtesy of ActV, which runs the Vaporetti) number 1 to the Rialto stop and lugged out luggage to the hotel (which also meant manhandling it up a flight of stairs). Travel light to Venezia as you will probably have to carry your bags up stairs (crossing canals almost always means climbing stairs as the canals are used for delivery of food and material and for the famous gondolas) and a pretty long distance. We stayed at Antica Locanda Al Gambero, which was very nice and centrally located. The hotel is only a short walk from the Rialto bridge, which was the first bridge across the Grand Canal.

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

Venezia is very crowded and claustrophobic. At ground level there is a faint odor similar to an open sewer, which of course is what the canals were for centuries. There are lots of interesting little artifacts clinging to walls and corners, so you have to keep your eyes open and look around you all the time.

Bob In Venice with a votive outdoor painting

Bob In Venice with a votive outdoor painting

At dinner we sat next to a couple from West Bloomfield in Michigan – since Aviva is from Southfield, we felt that was synchronous.



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