RSS Tools

Here is a zip file that contains three jar files. Together, these jars provide a program to traverse a local directory tree of html/htm files and find the most recent ones, placing them into an RSS feed file. Unzip the file into a single directory and use a command line like:

java -jar lib/anns-rss-dist.jar -d /Users/roberthays/Documents/Bob\ and\ Aviva\’s\ Web\ Site/ -u -s 10 -r ~/rsstest.rss


-u specifies the base URL of the actual web site
-d specifies the base directory of the local view of the web site
-s specifies the number of items to have in the feed file
-r is the feed file to produce

I developed this tool because I use tools like DreamWeaver and Nvu to build web sites on a local system and post them remotely, and I wanted to have an RSS feed of what’s new for the main site as well as my blog. The program has a graphical interface as well – you can run that version using Java WebStart from this page.


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