Bergomot Station – Checking out art in LA


Bergomot Station – Checking out art in LA

Aviva and I decided to check out some shows at Bergomot Station – that’s an old warehouse area that’s been converted into a collection of art galleries. We saw three shows that stood out.

First, Aviva wanted to see the Irene Hardwicke Olivieri show – the work is wonderful, colorful, thoughtful. Much of the work is on wood – doors, windows, even a child’s headboard. Definitely magic realism; here’s the post card (I wish we could have afforded one of her pieces, they are brilliant):

Lamp Unto My Feet

“Lamp Unto My Feet,” Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, 2013

We saw a show of Judith Mullen’s work – modern abstraction, I immediately saw references common to Aviva’s work so I wasn’t surprised she spent some time browsing.


Mile Marker 359 B

“Mile Marker 359 B,” Judith Mullen, 2013

Finally, the first gallery we went into had the work of Stephen Aldrich – he does collage from turn of the century prints without reproducing them. The work is amazing, technically its as close to flawless as I’ve seen, you have to look closely to see that they are really collage! And the form and structure of the work is also fabulous – again, the card:

Exposition Of Dynamic Symmetry

“Exposition Of Dynamic Symmetry,” Stephen Aldrich, 2012

And as always, a couple of other pictures I took while there – the funny one is the elephant in the pickup truck….

The Wall of Plants

The Wall of Plants

Transporting an elephant (statue)

Transporting an elephant (statue)




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