Vince, the cardboard skull kit


Vince, the cardboard skull kit

I saw what looked like a cool cardboard skull kit on Fab, so I ordered it. This weekend I had time to put it together.

The instructions were simple and clear, and assembly was pretty easy. The parts were numbered with little etched numbers on one side, so I punched them out and arranged them in order. Be careful of the tab for securing the left side of the skull – it can be bent easily (which I found out). And expect to compact the skull pieces hard to push the locking piece on at the end. It’s a laser etched kit – when I handed the ‘skull’ to Aviva she said it smelled like burned paper….

I think it looks fantastic – what do you think (this is only the second paper project Aviva has allowed into the main house, the other is my large Chartres Cathedral assembly).


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