Flight home from Bologna


Flight home from Bologna

We got up insanely early – my flight left at 7:10A so I got up at 3:45A to shower and eat breakfast (breakfast at the Sheraton starts at 4:30A). I made the first shuttle at 5A. I had to ask where the Air France check-in was. While i was waiting in line, a woman from the airline approached me breathlessly, taking me from the baggage line to an automated check-in machine. When we got part way through she relaxed – it turned out I was flying Sky Priority and the Sky Priority baggage stand will execute a check-in; the economy check folks will not. I checked my bag and waited for my flight.

The leg to Paris was easy, I was in the front of the plane and so it was even quiet. And the transfer, once in Paris, from Terminal 2G to 2E was also fast and easy (it probably took 10 minutes and I never had to leave the secure area)- I had some time to kill at the airport.

I had a nice surprise – my flight, in the front of business class, was on an Airbus 380; those are the huge new 2-story jets, very comfortable. The have a camera in the tail facing forward – during take-off taxi they let us all watch the view in front of our plane – neat!

I had to wait until almost all the bags were off to get mine, even though it was marked priority.

I took the FlyAway to Van Nuys and headed home – the dogs were so happy to see me!

Location:Vanowen St,Los Angeles,United States


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