Bergamo, then back to Verona for the night


Bergamo, then back to Verona for the night

We got up late, just after 7AM and grabbed breakfast, which was quite good. Got cleaned up and headed out.

We took a taxi up to Accademia Carrara – GAMeC; the main building is closed for maintenance but they have a special exhibit up of works by Carlo Ceresa. The show was nice including room descriptions in English. No photos allowed.

We walked down the hill past three churches, all closed for siesta or Saturday, I don’t know which. There was a wedding at one of the churches.

We ate a very good lunch at Pooglia’s. Aviva had grilled tuna steaks, and I had grilled cheese, sort of like saganaki (when the owner described it I had to try it). The antipasto was amazing, all vegetarian, all made on-site. Quite a good lunch.

The fried cheese - it was great and so filling

The fried cheese – it was great and so filling

Which means we walked a lot but didn’t see a lot (other than the streets of Bergamo, some of which remind me of the claustrophobic lanes of Siena).

Then back to the hotel to get our bags, to the train station and back to Verona – at least this time we didn’t have to take a bus. But it did take two hours (the train from Bergamo to Brescia was apparently a stop train, stopping in each town on the line), the last half hour in an un-air-conditioned car from Brescia to Verona.

They put us in a slightly nicer room with a shower with doors, not a wrap-around curtain!

We had dinner again at Pizzeria Leon d’Oro; Aviva ordered the chicken with mashed potatoes – the chicken was deep fried so she opted for the pizza, and I had a calzone, which was really good.

We went back to the room (with aqua frizzante and Coke Light) and cancelled our reservation in Parma and decided to do those two days in Ferrara. We’re hoping for no more earthquakes and no new damage because Ferrara has some cool frescoes to see.

Location:Via dietro Pallone,Verona,Italy


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