Our first day in Verona


Our first day in Verona

We got up very early, sometime just after 4A; we drank the Coke Zeros and got cleaned up; breakfast starts at 7:30A so we had plenty of time.

Breakfast was very European – cheese, meats, breads, yogurt and some cereal – we thought the eggs were hard boiled but no, they were raw. There was a device to cook the eggs next to them, so we each had a soft boiled egg.

And then we were off! We walked to by way of the Arena, Verona’s answer to Rome’s Coliseum.

We visited the civic museum at the Castelvecchio, which is very good. Be prepared to walk – the museum is in multiple buildings and on three floors: the first floor is sculpture and the others paintings and frescoes. And there’s a walk along the top of the castle which is awesome!

Somehow I hurt my right ankle, I don’t remember twisting it but I must have – need to just keep going, might try an ankle brace tomorrow.

We then walked to Chiesa San Bernardino.

Then we walked over to San Zeno.

Time for lunch – we ate at La Tigella. I really liked it. They provided a round hard flat bread and fried gnocchi – in this case large fried rolls. Along with this came 10 small containers of sauces, for example a tomato sauce, a pepper sauce, a chocolate sauce and a nut sauce. Along with this came a small plate of thin sliced ham of various forms. Aviva wasn’t so thrilled so she also ordered the pasta fagioli, or bean and pasta soup. She really liked that.

We walked back towards the main shopping streets on Corso Cavour and Mazzini – we chose to walk down Mazzini to Piazza Erbe; lots of great old painted facades and statues, along with an open air market. It was hot out so we stopped a couple times for water.

We walked to Chiesa di Santa Maria Antica which is amazing on the outside but not so interesting inside, it’s a very old church from 744 or 745 AD. We ran into three college women from Canada – they were training around Europe for 5 weeks; they spent 2 hours in Florence to see Michelangelo… I gave then directions to an ATM. We walked back through Piassa dei Signori, which another very cool facade, and then back up the other shopping street Corso Cavour. The shops were beautiful yet expensive so we didn’t stop very much.

And we walked back to the hotel. Aviva kept falling asleep.

Location:Vicolo Pallone,Verona,Italy


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