Arrival in Verona


Arrival in Verona

This is our first vacation in four years, and for me it’s an experiment in new technology. I’m not bringing a laptop – I have an iPhone and an iPad; I’ve set up the iPhone with international service, voice and data, and the iPad will go WiFi only. I have a bluetooth keyboard from Perixx, the camera kit for the iPad, and a USB nanoKey music keyboard from Korg. The whole kit fit in my underseat carry-on and small over the shoulder bag along with a change of underwear, tee shirt, and snacks (we were told our flight was breakfast-only – they lied).

We flew in on an Air France flight on a 777 – old plane, the seats were like wood; I got to sit in business, which meant that at least I got slightly better food while enduring the torture of a hard seat (my left calf is still sore) – why can’t the leg rests be designed for someone at least 6 foot tall?

After 10 hours to Paris, we switched terminals at Charles De Gaulle and got a puddle jumper to Verona – Aviva and I napped on the hop.

Verona’s airport is small, only slightly bigger than the one in Florence. We got our bags, cleared customs and caught a cab to our hotel, the Best Western Hotel Armando, which is located near the Arena in the city center.

The hotel is Spartan; the sleeping on the bed is like lying on a rock, and I can’t get the WiFi to work with my iPad or our iPhones. One complication of going WiFi-only – location services don’t work indoors since it can’t triangulate on the cell towers. The shower works and has a handheld; you do have to be very careful not to shoot water all over the bathroom – I’ve found that typical of hotel showers in Italy. At least we have our own bath.

We walked over to a small shop that sells drinks and sandwiches – we got a couple cheese and tomato sandwiches, some Coke Zero and water for the room. The woman didn’t speak English but we managed.

We watched the one English language TV network, BBC World News, and then crashed.

Location:Vicolo Pallone,Verona,Italy


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