Book review: The Vested Outsourcing Manual


Book review: The Vested Outsourcing Manual

A disclaimer – the author sent me a free copy of this book. I had read and reviewed Ms Vitasek’s first book, Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing, as an adjunct to an oursourcing effort underway at DIRECTV; she saw the review and offered up a copy of her follow up.

I also enjoyed this book quite a bit; there’s a lot more detail (at 387 pages vs 208 pages you’d expect that), especially around how to execute on a vested outsourcing deal. There are exercises in every chapter to walk you through the process, and pointers to templates to help capture information you’ll need to have.

However, it also contained a lot of the information in the first book. If you are considering vested outsourcing, I’d suggest someone read and evaluate vested outsourcing using the first book, as it has enough information to help you decide if vested outsourcing might be appropriate – if you want to go ahead with a deal, then key members of the evaluation and negotiating team would be better off reading this book and using the indicated exercises and templates.

And I have a nit to pick – on page 224, the definition of governance is circular; a better definition might have provided more insight into the goals and issues of governance for vested outsourcing deals.

All in all a great book, use it if you’re interested in executing an outsourcing deal.

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