Volunteer day at Sunrise Elementary School


Volunteer day at Sunrise Elementary School

Our team at DIRECTV decided to do a volunteer day at Sunrise Elementary School. We packed up in cars and drove over; the school is on the edge of East LA. We had lunch, the principal told us about the history of the school, and then we broke up into teams of 4 to teach a 1 1/2 hour class; I was part of the team that taught a 6th grade class about journaling using The Diary of Anne Frank as an example. The class was amazingly well behaved.  We read three passages from the Diary (I read the 3rd entry which described why Anne decided to keep a journal). Then we unleashed the class on writing their own first journal entry along with decorating their new journals.

It was lots of fun, I’ll be doing career day at a local middle school in a couple weeks.


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