Aviva saw that there was a potentially cool show up at LACMA, and we hadn’t been to that museum for an eternity, so we decided to leave Iggy and Jett home alone for a few hours and check it out.  Their mobile website is iPhone-compliant and asks you to save it as an “app” which I did – unfortunately the mobile site provides no easy to access information about the food services at the museum – whoops.

The drive was uneventful.  The show, “India’s Fabled City: The Courtly Art of Lucknow,” was wonderful – we must have spent at least an hour browsing the galleries.  I’ll post a couple reduced scans from the show catalog – I noticed that the catalog was $75 at the museum but only $47 on Amazon, so I used the Amazon app on my iPhone to purchase a copy (with 2nd day free shipping) while outside the gift shop; an almost $30 markup is too much for me.

We also went in the new contemporary wing, which is architecturally very cool. The work, however, is crappy – I didn’t see one modern piece that I’d tell anyone I saw (notice – no pictures) and the second floor was closed for installation.

On the drive home we stopped at the Canyon Country Store on Laurel Canyon – lots of famous people shop there (Laurel Canyon is where the hippies that got rich moved in the late ’60s/early ’70s).

We went home, grabbed the pooches and drove over to the Woodland Hills Market to get Persian carryout for dinner. In the parking lot some woman started yelling at someone who was apparently not WASP, using a lot of racially negative language. In the parking lot of a Persian grocery. Why are so many Americans still so racist?


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