Metldown, Farmer’s Market and Venice Beach + @thegeo & @sinburned & @judemanchu


Metldown, Farmer’s Market and Venice Beach + @thegeo & @sinburned & @judemanchu

Today is Nathan’s last day on this visit; he had arranged for us to meet up with @sinburned and @judemanchu at Meltdown, a famous comic book store in LA (in west Hollywood). We shopped and talked, and then headed over to the Farmer’s Market for lunch; we all ended up eating from the Singapore’s Banana Leaf, and it was great! We had crepes for desert.

Then we drove over to Venice Beach to check out a drum circle – it was really cool, took me back to my college days; wish I’d brought a drum or two and a shaker (next time!).

It was great to meet @sinburned and her boyfriend @judemanchu – two really great folks, I hope we’ll hang out again!

Pics, videos and audio samples follow….


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