Confessions of a Public Speaker

I saw the previews for this book on the author’s site.  I’m heavily involved with Toastmasters International so I had to read this book.

And I’m so glad I did; Mr. Berkun provided a lot of information in a small number of pages, which either taught me or validated things I’d learned the hard way.  The book is written in a conversational style that’s easy and fun to read.

Two suggestions that struck me were to arrive at any speaking engagement early (because you may be delayed hunting for the room for example) and to not say when things aren’t going well – the audience probably doesn’t notice anyway and if they do they don’t care as long as you’re putting over information in an interesting way.

I highly recommend this book, I brought it with me to my Toastmasters club meeting and will continue to recommend it to friends interested in speaking better.

Update: Found a blog post today called Rating speakers, control and context based upon this book.


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  1. purplehayz (purplehayz)
    11:15 pm on December 20th, 2009

    [Blog] : Confessions of a Public Speaker

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