My 50th birthday celebration


My 50th birthday celebration

We decided to go out for dinner for my birthday on Friday July 3 because most of the good places are closed on the 4th.  We drove down to west Hollywood to check out the latest version of my glasses – they’re still too big but much closer, hopefully we’ll be ready to order them next weekend.

We then drove up to 3rd Street to do some retail therapy before dinner – we went to New Stone Age, a really great decorator’s store. I saw a pair of earrings I had to have, made from Tibetan beads in the shape of skulls.


We got a snack at a cool store called Mani’s; they have all kinds of neat gourmet foods.


And then we had dinner – I picked an Ethiopian restaurant called Nyala; there’s a block of Fairfax that’s called Little Ethiopia because its all Ethiopian shops and restaurants.  The meal was wonderful – we had the vegetarian combo and the meat combo, all piles on a large round sourdough bread on a metal platter; You eat with your hands although Aviva did bring a plastic fork.


On the way home we stopped for some cake.


Aviva enjoying a large piece of vanilla and strawberry cake

On the 4th I walked over to the local Warner Center Park and met up with @princessleah515 which was really nice; she recommended some synagogues that might be interesting to us.


A policeman on a tricycle


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