Burbank, Ikea, duct tape wallets and cardboard creatures too


Burbank, Ikea, duct tape wallets and cardboard creatures too

We decided to run errands today, especially a trip to the Ikea store in Burbank, CA.

First off, I’ve switched wallets – the leather one I bought in Italy is starting to wear out, so when I ordered some stuff from ThinkGeek, I figured I’d try a duct tape wallet.  it works!  It snaps shut which I like a lot, and its surprisingly flexible and solid given its duct tape (they include a repair strip inside the wallet).


But first I had to put a bumper sticker on my car; not just any bumper sticker, this was the first to blemish my newly repaired Prius, so it had to be special.  I hope you agree that this is a special bumper sticker:


I went for a mani-pedi after that; Kelly Parisian does these and not only does she do a great job but she also has a kick-ass line of natural face, hand and body lotions and creams.  While there someone brought in purple bagels to root on the Lakers.


Aviva got Basil hydrated and dropped him off at his sitters, and then we drove over to Follow Your Heart for lunch; its an organic and vegitarian restaurant on Sherman Way in Canoga Park.


We dropped off the rental car we had while my Prius was in for accident repairs, and drove on to beautiful downtown Burbank to the Ikea.


We walked the store twice because its got a definate path through it and bought he shelves we wanted.  Then we drove over to the main shopping area, which has a Ross discount store (Aviva loves to shop those) and some other interesting shops.  I got a couple computer magazines at the news stand, and we saw a really cool red and black antique lamp which we couldn’t buy because we still don’t have a house.  So we drove back to Woodland Hills.

We finally had dinner at Yang Chow, a really good Chinese restaurant that’s within walking distance of our apartment (we order carry out from them all the time).  We came back to the apartment after picking Basil up.  The Rose of Sharon’s grow really well in this part of southern California, and I never saw this shade in Chicago.


And lastly I wanted to show off the d-torso cardboard models I’ve made – here are four I have in my office, I have more in storage when we eventually buy a house here.



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