Santa Monica


Santa Monica

We love going to Santa Monica, so we put the dog in the car and drove out.  We go down Topanga Canyon to the Pacific Coast Highway; you go right by the Getty Villa which is a copy of Hadrian’s Villa outside of Rome.


We walked around the Prominade, which is a three block pedestrian shopping area.  I bought a pair of Clarks sandals; I live in sandals now that we live in SoCal so I needed another pair.


That’s the beach through the roadside wall as you climb from
the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Monica

We heard what sounded like a sitar and it was – a guy named Ronobir was playing in the middle performance area; I bought his CD which I like a lot.


[xspf]_start(‘Robonir’, ‘mode=3&width=300&height=120’);[/xspf]

There are other cool things on the Prominade like dinosaurs covered in ivy.



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