We got up a bit late; we’re finally road weary, sore and tired – we’re getting a little old for schlepping our stuff from city to city for ten days. Breakfast at the hotel was good, we got cleaned up and headed out.

We took a hotel car to the Museo delle Cere Anatomiche, which is located on the second floor of a University of Bologna building that’s still used for anatomy classes (it was a trip to see all the Italian students hanging out).

We walked back towards city center and then off to Santa Spirito, which was closed. But, we had lunch at one of the top rated restaurants for slow food, Ristorante Cesarina at Via Santo Spirito 19, 051 232037. The food and service were excellent, I’d recommend them in a second.

We walked around the food shopping area, getting some grappa and some candy for people back home, then headed to the Piazza del Neptuno to visit the Basilica di San Petronius.

By now we were tired, so we started walking back to the train station to pick up some water, sodas and a taxi to the hotel. We checked the medieval museum, but it closed at 3P again. So, we stopped at Chiesa di San Martino.

We continued walking towards the train station.

We got to the train station and cabbed back to the hotel. We repacked everything; hope we can carry on everything we want to carry on! Had a snack for dinner; there’s been so much eating we just don’t have much eating left in us now – I don’t think we’ll have Italian food in Los Angeles for weeks!

Then we relaxed and crashed.

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