I’ve been playing with where for two days now. Where is an application for smart phones, including the RIM Blackberry, that creates a widget environment for GPS location information. So, for example, there’s a GasBuddy widget, which shows you the prices of gasoline at nearby stations, including the distance to the station from where you are and a map. There’s GPS Twitter, which geotags twitter messages; this is something I’d been looking for, as I use twitter to say where I am, what I’m doing and what I’m thinking (okay, not much of that last one probably).

Some of the widgets are, for me, silly – I don’t need to know the nearest golf course (but then I guess if I traveled a lot and golfed….). The first few tries were really slow; I think AT&T Wireless was having data network problems on Saturday out here (everything was slow and I lost the EDGE network a few times standing out in the open).

I haven’t tried writing a widget yet, but I suspect after I’ve thought about it a bit I’ll come up with something worth doing. When I do I’ll post something here.

If’ you’ve got a smart phone give it a try.


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