Whither Instant Messaging and Twitter?

Twitter’s IM feed has been down for ages. For me, this is a real problem for two reasons.

Since Twitter is all about what you’re doing / thinking / feeling at a given moment, access to tools while mobile is critical. I hate SMS. I love GoogleTalk on my RIM Blackberry. Using the Twitter IM feed was easy and straightforward and I could do it anywhere.

But not now.

Worse, to me, is the apparent lack of technical understanding of how to do IM at Twitter (and maybe generally how to manage a fast growing infrastructure). If they can’t figure that out, then they’re doomed (or at least will need to be bought out at a discount by someone that can fix things).

IM is easy, compared to the other issues Twitter appears to face (based on reading their status blog along with other blog entries on the net). Very disappointing.


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