Rabbit in the Moon

So now that I live in a place with a real climate, I try to go out and get lunch and take a walk around. I often go to Fry‘s, a very cool discount electronics shop about two blocks from my office. So I typically walk over and check out different parts of the store about twice a week (yes, I’m a geek, get over it, I have).

Every time I’ve gone in there for the last two weeks, there’s been this DVD demo disk playing on all the flat screen TVs in that aisle – not only that, but the same music video was always playing, from the Ultra 2004 Music Festival, titled “Four Dancing Women.”

I really liked the video and the music (especially after hearing it so often), and I finally found out who the artist is (for the music at least) – Rabbit in the Moon. The music is sort of dance/trance/electronica, and I like it a lot. They have an album out called “Decade” that I’m listening to right now.

They’re scheduled to play at 10P someplace in LA – if I can pull myself together enough, maybe I’ll go check them out (Aviva doesn’t like this kind of music – too repetitive, precise, and nervous).


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