I’m glad the NY Times is picking up on this stuff

First, I’ve seen some articles about the political issue I brought up a few days ago.

And, I’m heartened to see the article in the NY Times today (“Many Blacks Find Joy In Unexpected Breakthrough”) that described how blacks in this country are feeling more optimistic than ever thanks in part to the expected nomination of Barack Obama for President of the United States.

I remember the race riots of the ’60s. My family watched on television as Watts exploded and spread over many large cities, including the one close to us, Washington, D.C. My dad took the kids along on an errand to Tandy Leather Co. in the city the next weekend and purposely drove us through some of the burned out areas. He didn’t say much, just that this is the result of prejudice and vigilanteism. Even at a young age it affected me greatly.

I think the NY Times may have gotten it wrong – whether you like Obama’s politics or not, we should all be proud that voters in this country can look past someones skin color (and sex).

At least I feel proud today (or at least satisfied).


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