We slept well – it wasn’t so noisy last night (it is during the day) so we’re keeping the room. We ate, cleaned up and got out of the room.

We started walking towards a couple of jewelry stores Aviva likes; she’s been here enough that she doesn’t need a map to find a few items of intense interest! She bought a few things. One of the stores had closed. Then, we walked towards Santa Maria Novella; there’s no photography allowed inside.

After visiting the church, we walked further towards another jewelry store Aviva likes; I bought a pair of cheap lightening earrings. We walked back past Santa Maria Novella and stopped at a trattoria Aviva likes (she became friends with a waiter there that’s moved on to open a restaurante nearby), La Madia at Via del Giglio 14. Lunch was quite good – we’ll probably come back here once more before we leave Florence.

We shopped at the open market at San Lorenzo; I bought a Fiorentina hat (that’s the local soccer team) and Aviva bought a few gifts, including two portrait plates and a pitcher for us from a neat little ceramics shop, Lorenzaccio, where we’d shopped on a previous trip.

We stopped at a couple of buildings with frescoes remaining on their exteriors.

We walked down Via de Pucci to San Michelino Visdomini (another church of course). Inside is a very old Pontermo, painted in his twenties. It was really dirty and needed restoration badly. We walked down Via del Servi to Santissima Annunziata and the Foundling Hospital.

In the center of the panorama above is Santissima Annunziata. The church has an interesting structure – it has an entry collonade followed by a square courtyard, then the church itself. There’s a cloister with frescoes, some by del Sarto, and a small chapel, by Vasari, which are usually closed. But, after I gave the man 5 Euro for a 3.50 Euro book, he took a few of us to the cloister and the chapel.

Below are images from the entry square.

Below are images from the church interior, the cloister and the Vasari chapel.

We crossed the piazza to the Foundling Hospital – this was set up to receive children that parents couldn’t keep. There is a door at the far end of the collonade where foundlings were left. This has become a museum – we saw the show that was up.

We then walked down to Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi, which has a Perugino fresco which we couldn’t see.

Aviva loves the small European cars - this one is a two seat electric car

Aviva loves the small European cars - this one is a two seat electric car

We had dinner by the Duomo at Buca San Giovanni at Piazza San Giovanni, 8; it was pretty good.

Then back towards the hotel and a gelato (of course) and then to bed.


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