Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium

Here’s a link to the page from Cirque du Soleil in case you want to learn more about this show and to get tickets.

Aviva and I braved the cold (its just now getting above freezing here) to see the show last night. It was similar but different from the other shows we’ve seen.

This is touted as a multimedia event, and it is – it reminds me of what I’ve read and been told about (and experienced in later incarnations) for a multimedia event might be like in the 60’s, without the drugs (in our case at least). There was no tent this time (good thing since we had at least 8 inches of snow), the performance was held inside the United Center. There were large screens flanking the main stage, which cut the center in half – seating was only on one half, divided long-ways, of the Center.

We had our noses bleeding up in section 317 – we could see everything but it was small and way way up there! It was like sitting at an American football game high up in the stands – it was disorienting for Aviva and I because we don’t usually walk up and sit at such an incline.

The music was interesting, but at least two slow numbers sounded like bad French ballads; the uptempo rythmic tunes were very interesting and snappy. There were acrobats, but I would guess 4 – 5 performances, and they weren’t over the top or scary; these were mostly acts that had performed in other shows (or did the same act at least).

We were both glad we saw the show – I told Aviva I thought it was a Cirque du Soleil live music video!

As usual, here’s the ticket stub (we did ours on-line this time – worked great, no lines at will-call).


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